Types of Greyhounds

American Greyhound

American Greyhound

The American Greyhound is the most common type of greyhound, with a current population estimated at over 2 million. They're also one of the fastest breeds on record: when registered dogs run around an oval track known as The Track at Newmarket Racecourse in Suffolk, England (the same track where all other breeds compete for their first-place trophies), they can average speeds upwards of 40 mph!

This breed comes in two varieties: the Standard American Greyhound (also known as "Standard") and Miniature American Greyhound (often called "Mini"). There are several differences between these two types; however, both are recognized by various registries worldwide.

British Greyhound

The British Greyhound is the oldest of all greyhound breeds, with records dating back to 1868. It's also one of three types of greyhounds (with the Irish and American varieties).

The British are a large dogs with an average height between 30-32 inches and weight between 55-75 pounds. It has an athletic build that allows it to reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour! These dogs have long legs, flat faces, and ears that hang down towards their chest area when relaxed or folded over when excited/alerted by something nearby. They come in many colors such as black & tan, red & white, etc., but always have white markings on their chest or paws so you can tell which ones are male vs female at first glance!

Canadian Greyhound

Canadian Greyhounds are the same as American Greyhounds. They were bred to race, so they're very fast, but they also make great pets. Canadian Grays have a sweet temperament and get along well with children and other animals (including cats). They're very friendly towards strangers too!

You can keep your Canadian Greyhound indoors or outdoors--they do best when they have access to an enclosed yard where they can run around and play in the sun or shade as you like.

French Greyhound

French Greyhound is a small dog. It is also very fast and popular, which makes it a good pet to have around the house.

Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest of all greyhounds, and also the heaviest. It's not just your imagination--they do look like they could eat you in one bite.

These dogs have been around since at least the time of Julius Caesar, who called them "Celtic dogs." Their name comes from their resemblance to wolves, which were once native to Ireland (and still are). They were bred as hunting companions for royalty; today they make excellent guard dogs or pets for people who want a big dog but don't have enough space for a Great Dane or St Bernard.

Greyhounds are very fast, but they aren't all the same.

You may have heard that greyhounds are very fast. They are! But not all greyhounds are the same. They come from different countries and have different names, looks, and personalities.

In this article we'll look at some of the most popular breeds of a greyhound:

  • American Greyhound: These dogs are known for their size (they're usually 30 inches tall), strength, and power. They can even outrun horses on land!

  • British Greyhound: These dogs were bred in England during the 19th century as hunters or coursing hounds; however today they're more commonly used as racing pets since they have a long lifespan compared to other breeds which only live 5-8 years on average because one day you might decide you want another pet but don't feel like adopting another dog so instead try getting yourself another cat!

Greyhounds are a versatile breed that can be used for racing, agility, or just about any other activity where speed is an advantage. They're also one of the most expensive breeds to own, so if you're looking to add a new family member to your household, make sure you do your research first!