Tennis Balls. A Social Group Study

As I watched my daughter walk on to her new school campus, I quickly recognize the popular kids, jockeys, geeks and outsiders.  This is her first time seeing these kids and immediately she instinctively knew where she belong. Not surprised, just glad she was going to be okay. 

The tennis balls I painted represented the kids on campus. Here you have a group and an individual.  Tennis ball "A" is off to the side, represents the individual, a person who may stand out for whatever reason. The ball "A" has extra fuzz to show its has a old soul and its upward lines makes me feel this person is keeping a positive attitude or is optimistic. Tennis ball "B" has an opposite view in life, maybe a pessimistic. Tennis ball "C" next to ball "B" is angry. The line clearly shows this person is unhappy with something. They are after all a teenager so who knows what angered them. And the ball behind ball "B" and "C" is hiding, maybe this person is a follower. It too is not happy - shown with downward line.  Another fun fact, I've applied the golden ratio to this painting, and highlighted a small detail :)   

Thank you for reading my blog & supporting my work.